Isn’t that sweet…

But kind of wrong! Pop art can design meets porcelain and chinesse motifs in the work of artist Lei Xue.



November 25, 2008. Wedgie board. 1 comment.

Multitask Card appears just before X-mas


The little device runs on two AAA batteries, has a self-timer, and is packaged with a USB cord, driver disc, instruction manual and a voucher for 40 free prints from Target. The camera itself is a 1.2-megapixel affair with 8MB of memory on-board, which means it can store about 50 images, Engadget says.

November 19, 2008. A little too new. 1 comment.

When Mario turns commie

What happens when the social revolution takes part in a game? The peoples’ Mario takes over the hammer and installs the righteous laws inside the little world of mushrooms and brick walls. Very funny one

November 18, 2008. Animated. Leave a comment.

Feed the puppy on the street

Go on, feed the virtual puppy, have it lick the window or play ball. This interactive outdoor reminds me of the little Tamagouchi pets. But still, I like the idea and I’m definetely one of the persons who would play on the screen.


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Knitting returns

only now in it’s evil, horror side as “knitting for psychos” :))







November 18, 2008. Wedgie board. 1 comment.

Bob Isherwood left Saatchi&Saatchi

The man with a histrory built alongside Saatchi&Saatchi (he’s beeen with then since 1986 and became Worldwide Creative Director in 1996) decided to take his creative power to other grounds. He now declared “Now I’m putting a sign on my door, ‘Open for business’. ”

I saw a presentation Bob Isherwood held this year in Cannes where I listened to a man full of creative power, very inspiring and a great story teller.

I’m very curious to know what he’ll be up to next.

November 12, 2008. Out there, in advertising. 2 comments.

Guerilla knitting

Cover the world in wool and mohair 😀 using the power of your fingers- this could be the most harmless type of protest in urban culture. There already are crews like Knitta please of ladies from all over the world, trying to leave a witty – knitty mark on the world.

They display their work on trees



On poles and handrails


They prevent statues from catching a cold


And houses…


Thanks to Deputy Dog blog

November 5, 2008. New arts, Wedgie board. 3 comments.

Who said Excel is not a creative tool?

AC/DC promotes it’s new video in a very very surprising way: they  use Excel to create a firewall penetrating communication tool. Gotta love it!

November 4, 2008. Out there, in advertising. Leave a comment.

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