This pretzels are making me thirsty

ThisĀ  two new spots- Australia’s Drumstick bar from Nestle and the new Cadburry a glass and a half full leave me only with this insignificant line from Seinfeld.

They are saying nothing to me! Maybe the Cadburry gives me the creeps a little bit but what is the idea?!?!?!

Why put so much money into production if you’re actually not saying anything?

Or is the falonesques turning grotesques?


January 26, 2009. Out there, in advertising. 2 comments.

Happy birthday, Spongebob!

Squarepants is 10 years old! And has celebrated it’s birthday in style and it’s promising an hour-long movie this year.

Have a go on some nice pieces of the show, packed as a subliminal mesagges compilation.

The article also reads that The Simpsons are celebrating their 20th birthday. Yeeei! A reason to post my favourite scene of the show.

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For the pandas!

Designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong thought of the well beeing of the planet together and had an idea- now only in the state of a project- to invent a pair of fashion-looking- solar-panel-slick-and-stylish-energy-saving (hahahaha, i love this but hope i haven’t overdone it) sunglasses. Really useful, i’d definetely buy a pair of those.


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And the brand manual said…

that the logo should never lay on a cardboard background. But the agency said they’ll go wild!!

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See through

Came across a list of transparent objects of every day use. I have to admit that i find some of them tasteless (the D80 and Xbox- i think they should stop trying this on gadgets) but others are very exciting and helpful – washing machin, ironing machine, canoe or toaster.

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The bootleggers in advertising

Don’t do anything illegal. They just take advantage of the apparently deep and scary waters of the recession. This seems to be the researched presentation The Economist sales guys put together.

Ads on Edge

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Does this come to the older “When the world zigs, zag?”

The Brand Gap

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