Life of the troubleless and fluffy

Today I stepped into a different world. It’s nearby, just two crossings from my workplace but it takes you way deeper.

Beep the card, buy a pretzel, put on sunglasses and meet Corina.  Short chatty walk near TNB on the curly streets wondering why some highschool girls look 30 nowadays. Stepped inside, the gramophone plays a red cover record I never heard about, called Motels (kill me with stones and knit a scarlet letter on my chest if I am being a music ignorant).

Beautiful laces, velvet and stripes arise from everywhere, books lavish on the couch, incredible leather “cahiers”  stand tall on a shelf and tasty complimentary tea awaits sipping.

But we are here with a goal: to place Corina’s knitting works in this world, no ground for negociations and marketing endeavors but simply show them to the world, maybe they’ll take one home.

The place:  Kombinat

The girl:  Corina

The knitting:



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Thank God you smell nice

It’s all the lab animals you should thank. Maybe when you’ll see a dead rat in your new perfume bottle, you will remember to LOOK ON THE LABEL and check if the product has been tested on animals.

NOAH Bottles campaign against animal testing



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Make them your hommies





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Sit back…


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It’s beyond my control

is one of the lines the Vicomte de Valmont keeps repeating ferociously to Madame Marie de Tourvel in Dangerous Liaisons. This line triggered the sentence which best describes the works of art of Tim Knowles. Once the complicated apparatus in set in function, things are beyond his control. Fascinated by this human- free intervention in the creating of the piece of art itself, Knowles wants to see if the environment can create it’s own piece of art. And by environment I mean trees, motion, light, water and seems there are no boundaries.

I simply love the ideas, not so much the result but I rely on the basic premise that I’m only human. Enjoy and visit the link for his entire work.


A series of illuminated walks made at night and recorded as long exposure photographs.
The Artist walks away from the camera [mounted on a tripod, shutter open] carrying 3 very powerful torches fitted with diffusers, the lights are connected to a 12volt battery in a backpack to prolong their life.  As he walks the torches illuminate the route, drawing in the landscape.  A number of walks have been completed so far following paths or compass bearings for approximately 30 minutes.  This is an ongoing body of work.


A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches,
the wind’s effects on the tree, recorded on paper.  Like signatures each drawing reveals the
different qualities and characteristics of each tree.

oakdrawingdetail721 oak72

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Miss Sleepalot

I’m often said to be sleeping the most profound sleep and to have the power of not being disturbed by anything, be it air misles or dog snoring.

That’s just a small personal introduction to this post – it’s not going to be about me sleeping, rest asured. It’s this video that I found on The Inspiration Room by singer/songwriter Oren Lavie (I admit I haven’t heard of him before).

Her morning elegance

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