What’s giving you away?

I think that we don’t always do a good job at  supressing feelings for social reasons as we might think. I found out around the 4th grade that I have a “look” that I parade when I’m very bored or highly disinterested or disgusted of what the other person is saying. I couldn’t repeat it in the mirror but it was caught on film a couple of times. It’s pure despite, sickness and evil… it totally gives me away hahaha.

What’s the gesture, mimic, word that gives you away?



March 6, 2009. Wedgie board.


  1. corina replied:

    for me, it’s the look in my eyes

    that and the fact that I sort of.. drift away and keep too quiet, way too quiet

  2. inabsurdis replied:

    Still waters bring out storms hahaha

  3. corina replied:

    it truly is strange
    and delightful

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