Penguin reinvents it’s book covers

By asking all types of artists to create an original design for a book, Penguin got a lot of responses and created a fresh buzz around readers and artists alike.

No wonder it was for hard for them to choose, the works were really good. I had a hard time choosing some from the 25 finalists.

The book is Sam Taylor’s The island at the end of the world so when choosing the shortlist I left out all the island and water designs.

More designs on the blog.

Update: my favorite design won the competition (the first one below). It belongs to Matt Taylor (no connection to the author), 28 year old artist who previously worked for Burton snowboards, orange, Top Gear Magazine, Microsoft Wired.


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What makes you, you?

Seventh Generation launched a campaign that raises awareness over the ingredients written or not on the products you use even daily.

The show what’s inside site offers a mobile application or desktop widget that teaches you to properly read labels, a section that encourages you to take action and support the initiative and a highly interactive function with which you write the ingredients that make you, you and generate your own tree.

This is how mine looks. All the leaves are actually photos that have the same tags as the words I entered as the ingredients that make me, me.

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Anim’est 2008

This year’s edition showcases a lot of worth seeing animations: from what i’ve seen from the trailers,  “Sita sings the Blues” , “De profundis”, “The three robbers” and “Nocturna” are definetely musts and a lot of the shorts, too.

I got very excited when looking at the programme  and  especially of the free masterclass held by Bill Plympton. See the details here.

An some of the trailers below:

Sita sings the Blues

De profundis

The three robbers


If you are really into animation, you should also check out Anima Mundi, the international animation festival held in Brazil. I wish some day I’ll attend :D.

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Angst therapy

Really nice cartoon about overcoming your fears, very funny drawing style and content narration.


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Nagi Noda- just discovered

Unfortunatelly a little too late because she just died, at the age of 35 from the effects of a car accident. But as I read the story, i started to discover her work bit by bit and enjoyed a lot the hair hats, the half an animal, half another animal characters and the photography work and design. They all compose a full artist from Nagi Noda.

Aside from this, I found good inspiration in her advertising work and tv ads directing.

See more of her works here

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