Happy birthday, Spongebob!

Squarepants is 10 years old! And has celebrated it’s birthday in style and it’s promising an hour-long movie this year.

Have a go on some nice pieces of the show, packed as a subliminal mesagges compilation.

The article also reads that The Simpsons are celebrating their 20th birthday. Yeeei! A reason to post my favourite scene of the show.


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When Mario turns commie

What happens when the social revolution takes part in a game? The peoples’ Mario takes over the hammer and installs the righteous laws inside the little world of mushrooms and brick walls. Very funny one

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Childhood cartoons

I remembered some cartoons I used to watch when I was a child and then, they kept coming. So I decided to write this post, in the memory of childhood animation.

There were the Cartoons Network ones, mostly Hanna&Braberra productions

Stop the Pigeon – Dick Dastardly and Mutley

Captain Caveman

Jabber Jaw

The Jetsons

The Flintstones

Yogi Bear

Then, there were the very popular ones like

Captain Planet

Ninja Turtles

Then the somewhat manga influenced ones

Sailor Moon

Saber Rider

Sandy Bell

Mila Superstar – found it only in german, sorry

And then, there were the ones I don’t know how to categorize :))

The Smurfs

The adventures of Nils Holgerson, also in german

The Raccoons


And many others… if you can remember more, just leave a comment

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Are you a dog or a cat person?

Personally, I like all animals. Yes, even creepy spiders! I actually have one as a pet at home, it’s great for eating mosquitos and other small insects. But as far as cats and dogs are concerned, I go for the dogs….

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Tales of Mere Existence

A series of short animated movies dealing with different situations of life.


How to break up

I’m not going to think about her

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Anim’est – I met the Walrus

Since this whole week I’m going to be at the projections, most of the posts are going to be about this. Yesterday was a full day: i saw Nocturna (great fansay movie and interesting perspective on what happens whilst you’re asleep- special characters tangle your hair, other steal one of your socks etc) then a Mosaic and finally John Dilworth‘s talk about “The Dirdy Birdy: How Animation Can Free The Subconsciuos Mind” – great inspiration (I love the guy!).

But what does all this have to do with this post’s title? That’s one of the shorts screened in the Mosaic that impressed me the most.

First of all I loved the idea, the subject and last but not least the great illustration. You can enjoy below

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Anim’est 2008

This year’s edition showcases a lot of worth seeing animations: from what i’ve seen from the trailers,  “Sita sings the Blues” , “De profundis”, “The three robbers” and “Nocturna” are definetely musts and a lot of the shorts, too.

I got very excited when looking at the programme  and  especially of the free masterclass held by Bill Plympton. See the details here.

An some of the trailers below:

Sita sings the Blues

De profundis

The three robbers


If you are really into animation, you should also check out Anima Mundi, the international animation festival held in Brazil. I wish some day I’ll attend :D.

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Angst therapy

Really nice cartoon about overcoming your fears, very funny drawing style and content narration.


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