For the pandas!

Designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong thought of the well beeing of the planet together and had an idea- now only in the state of a project- to invent a pair of fashion-looking- solar-panel-slick-and-stylish-energy-saving (hahahaha, i love this but hope i haven’t overdone it) sunglasses. Really useful, i’d definetely buy a pair of those.



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Multitask Card appears just before X-mas


The little device runs on two AAA batteries, has a self-timer, and is packaged with a USB cord, driver disc, instruction manual and a voucher for 40 free prints from Target. The camera itself is a 1.2-megapixel affair with 8MB of memory on-board, which means it can store about 50 images, Engadget says.

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Marshall who?

You can call him Luhan. He would be happy to attend Wired NextFest in Chicago: robotics, new flash techniques, interactive art and games.

Some of the exhibits are world changing, some just very fun to use, like the foam grass mower shaped as a sheep.

I looks like Xerox spent big money on research recently because they participated with 3 inventions:

  • paperĀ  that erases itself – “In its present version, the paper self-erases in about 16-24 hours and can be used multiple times”- see more
  • solid ink that makes refilling a kid’s play and reduces. it’s cartridge- free so it creates 90 percent less waste than laser toner cartridges do – see more
  • security printing – funny enough, these are documents that can’t be ,,xeroxed” because of one-of-a- kind identifiers embeded on the document – see more

Erick Natze showcased some of his work – extreme digital prints.

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Modificari extreme de imagini

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