What’s giving you away?

I think that we don’t always do a good job at  supressing feelings for social reasons as we might think. I found out around the 4th grade that I have a “look” that I parade when I’m very bored or highly disinterested or disgusted of what the other person is saying. I couldn’t repeat it in the mirror but it was caught on film a couple of times. It’s pure despite, sickness and evil… it totally gives me away hahaha.

What’s the gesture, mimic, word that gives you away?



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Though shall not remain on the bottom drawer


Motivation can come in many shapes…

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Life of the troubleless and fluffy

Today I stepped into a different world. It’s nearby, just two crossings from my workplace but it takes you way deeper.

Beep the card, buy a pretzel, put on sunglasses and meet Corina.  Short chatty walk near TNB on the curly streets wondering why some highschool girls look 30 nowadays. Stepped inside, the gramophone plays a red cover record I never heard about, called Motels (kill me with stones and knit a scarlet letter on my chest if I am being a music ignorant).

Beautiful laces, velvet and stripes arise from everywhere, books lavish on the couch, incredible leather “cahiers”  stand tall on a shelf and tasty complimentary tea awaits sipping.

But we are here with a goal: to place Corina’s knitting works in this world, no ground for negociations and marketing endeavors but simply show them to the world, maybe they’ll take one home.

The place:  Kombinat

The girl:  Corina

The knitting:


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Make them your hommies





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See through

Came across a list of transparent objects of every day use. I have to admit that i find some of them tasteless (the D80 and Xbox- i think they should stop trying this on gadgets) but others are very exciting and helpful – washing machin, ironing machine, canoe or toaster.

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If you could live forever…

You would probably look like this and be called Turritopsis nutricula, the hydrozoan.

How does this immortality work?

When they reach their sexual maturity, solitary organisms usually end their life cycle but Turritopsis nutricula has somehow beaten death by reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after they reach sexual maturity

They’re able to return to polyp stage due to a cell change in the external screen (Exumbrella), which allows them to bypass death. As far as scientists have been able to find out, this change renders the hydrozoa virtually immortal.


Unfortunately, less immortal 🙂 animals go extinct every year. Some of them were alive just two generations before us.

Caspian Tiger




Tasmanian wolf


Japanese seal


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Isn’t that sweet…

But kind of wrong! Pop art can design meets porcelain and chinesse motifs in the work of artist Lei Xue.


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Knitting returns

only now in it’s evil, horror side as “knitting for psychos” :))







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