VW tries the surreal path

Now, the car wasn’t displayed with an extremely large loaf of bread on top of it’s roof, but these two ads started their way to illustrate the “absurdly low consumption” of the Polo Blue Motion.






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If you could live forever…

You would probably look like this and be called Turritopsis nutricula, the hydrozoan.

How does this immortality work?

When they reach their sexual maturity, solitary organisms usually end their life cycle but Turritopsis nutricula has somehow beaten death by reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after they reach sexual maturity

They’re able to return to polyp stage due to a cell change in the external screen (Exumbrella), which allows them to bypass death. As far as scientists have been able to find out, this change renders the hydrozoa virtually immortal.


Unfortunately, less immortal 🙂 animals go extinct every year. Some of them were alive just two generations before us.

Caspian Tiger




Tasmanian wolf


Japanese seal


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You are the furniture you buy

Very diverse furniture, that is but still…



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How to grow London creatives

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Burger King Whopper Virgin simulates “funny” anthropological experiment

BUT goes terribly wrong!

A short description of the campaign (trying to recreate the idea)

Possible brief: Relaunching the Whopper, one of the Burger King’s sandwiches

Direct competitor: Mac Donald’s Big Mac

Possible idea root: How can you tell the difference?

Possible idea development: Only if you haven’t tried fast food before.

Faux pas no.1: You are admitting that your consumers, the ones that actually buy the product are so intoxicated by the common preservatives in both Whopper and Big Mac that they can’t possibly taste the difference!

Possible faux pas from my side assuming that these product contain preservatives? No, others have looked into the issue before.

Super size me

Unchanged burger in 12 years

Going on….

Possible naming:  could be uninitiated, unexperienced, innocent, pure, uncorrupted… Ok, let’s go for the sex sells rule and make it virgin.

Great to attract teenagers (an interesting number of people commenting just focused on this part) but faux pas no.2 in what deeper meanings are concerned (as above).

Possible execution: Where can we find these people? Where there’s no TV, no fast- food, no piles of modern civilisation (by their standards). Let’s say… Thailand, Greenland and Transylvania where uncorrupted silly farmers with taste buds intact run wild on the fields growing their wedgies and ignoring the great existence of fast-food!

The result

Faux pas no.3 It’s not funny as in funny haha, it’s funny as in You smell funny!

“It’s outrageous,” Sharon Akabas of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University, told the New York Daily News. “What’s next? Are we going to start taking guns out to some of these remote places and ask them which one they like better?”

The Romanian reaction:







Was this meant to  create word of mouth on the principle that bad publicity is still publicity?

If we have the precedent (for example, the Motrin commercial) allowing us to just come outfront and say ” we fucked up” but still get a great coverage out of it, can we throw it out there and just see what happens?

Aside from my instant repulsive reaction to fast- food as non-food, on one  hand and symbol of global landmine against tradition, on the other, does this trespass common sense or I am just being an advertising amish?

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