Artists I like

I’m going to dedicate this section to painters, illustrators, collage makers and any other visual artist that I come across and I like.

There is no order of preference, at least not at the beginning. Maybe I’ll have time to arrange the list later on.

Marcus Walters – illustrator and designer who’s work has impessed me through it’s ironical social messages like ,,Teach your granny to text & other ways to change the world” :))

David Lachapelle – photographer, film and video maker with incredible taste in confronting art with social, religious, sometimes political barriers. Like his last exhibition – Jesus is my Homeboy

Ricardo Salamanca – an illustrator I found after looking at the credits for the great Playstation 3 print ads.

Nik Ainley – outstanding illustration work from this artist who studied Photoshop in his spare time, while finishing his degree in physics in London. Ended up working with an impossing list of clients, such as Adobe, MTV, National Geographic or Virgin.

Sebastiao Salgado – brazilian photographer, his projects documented the most remote places on Earth, having a lot of his work published in big collections.

Stephanie Metz – painter, graphic designer, sculptor that I mainly appreciate for her fingerprint drawings and wool sculptures.

Gulnur Ozdaglar – an artist that makes accesories and home decorations form PET bottles

Pedro Daniel – spanish illustrator and cartoon animator, the creator of Nocturna – a great animation story

Jenny Lerew-animation story artist

Tim Knowles – incredible projects that let the environment make the piece of art (tree drawings, vehicle motion drawings, full moon reflections)


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