Very inspiringly funny

I love the corny touch and the stupid rhyme of the song and the characters are very well chosen. But mostly, I liked that it is clearly a commercial message plunged in a normal life situation, exactly at the point of purchase, where everybody can project his/her experience. I’m sure it’s one of those videos that going to get a lot of spoofs.


May 5, 2009. Out there, in advertising. 1 comment.

Reason to pass on

Why do you embed a video on your blog? Who do you make it for? I simply do it for myself most of the times but now and then I do it to recognize the value of a thing well done. This is the latter case

March 18, 2009. Out there, in advertising. 1 comment.

Eventually, I get to the crisis

I’m been avoiding to write something about the financial crisis but an observation connected to the work experience leads me to a personal opinion I would like to state very briefly, even if it’s not new or revolutionary.

Budgets dropped- Clients have to cut media – Creatives do better creative work – this seems to be the flow abroad

Budgets dropped – Clients are scared shitless of mistakes – Creative work is being torn to shreds from the fear of saying the wrong thing – Creative work is far worse – this seems to happen in Romania

It’s just a thought, an observation… maybe i’m mistaking…

The latest prints uploaded on iqads.



Amnesty International: Click on the image for a larger version, focus on the red cross for 30 seconds, then look at a white space like the ceiling, slowly blinking your eyes.




Other prediction I’ve been reading about is that media budgets being cut, we’ll all go more and more to ambiental, unconventional executions.


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Thank God you smell nice

It’s all the lab animals you should thank. Maybe when you’ll see a dead rat in your new perfume bottle, you will remember to LOOK ON THE LABEL and check if the product has been tested on animals.

NOAH Bottles campaign against animal testing



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Sit back…


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This pretzels are making me thirsty

ThisĀ  two new spots- Australia’s Drumstick bar from Nestle and the new Cadburry a glass and a half full leave me only with this insignificant line from Seinfeld.

They are saying nothing to me! Maybe the Cadburry gives me the creeps a little bit but what is the idea?!?!?!

Why put so much money into production if you’re actually not saying anything?

Or is the falonesques turning grotesques?

January 26, 2009. Out there, in advertising. 2 comments.

And the brand manual said…

that the logo should never lay on a cardboard background. But the agency said they’ll go wild!!

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The bootleggers in advertising

Don’t do anything illegal. They just take advantage of the apparently deep and scary waters of the recession. This seems to be the researched presentation The Economist sales guys put together.

Ads on Edge

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Does this come to the older “When the world zigs, zag?”

The Brand Gap

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